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Tripping 42 Dugg

Tripping 42 Dugg

Tripping 42 Dugg (Lirik lagu) dibawakan untuk anda oleh LIRIKLAGU.MY

Antt did the track
You feel me
Come on
Ayy, ayy

Bae been actin’ like she f*** with me, can’t trust that b**** (f*** off)
Even after all the Louis grim, it’s f*** that b**** (b****, please)
New ass, new titties, wouldn’t touch that b**** (Wouldn’t dare)
Tuh, ayy
If she a bad b****, doggy, I done hit her (I done been f***ed)
Shout out my last b****, I’m s***tin’ on her nigga
Yeah, it’s a big difference (Duh), ain’t he 5’2″? (Tuh)
b****, I’m a big nigga, that’s what cake do
I make that drake move (Baow)
We sellin’ platinum Cookie, they sellin’ K2
b****, I just did the Lam’, and I did the Wraith too
Ho, I don’t give a f*** (At all), no, you can’t sit with us (Nope)
A couple thousand to the Reaper, he gon’ send him up
Niggas d*** suckin’ for a feature, I ain’t into rappin’ (I don’t f*** with niggas)
Make the b**** swallow my seeds then I spin her after (f*** on)
They like, “Preach, Dugg,” ayy, I been a pastor
They like, “Teach, Dugg,” we in a different class (Lame)
Rest in peace to Lil Cully, still ain’t givin’ passes (Baow)
Throw them fours up (Duh), we on the six with it (Big fours)
All my b****es cold, ho, I’m a sick nigga
b****, I got fifty on me, you with a rich nigga
Heard they had fifty on me, I guess time will tell
I wear Amiris, b****, and designer belts
b****, you know Antt did the beat
b****, I talk s*** for free, b****, I rain out for Skeet
I got my chain out for Reek, b****, I’m throwin’ fours ’til I finish
b****, I pour up for my niggas who ain’t got mail in a minute
I got pictures for ’em
To every ho who left the car, ayy, I got b****es for ’em
My new b**** is foreign, f*** like she in a porn
Suck while I’m bendin’ corners (Suck it up)
And now I’m mad, layin’ up, b****, I’m into scorin’ (Duh)
And now I’m mad, wearin’ buffs, b****, I read a lot (Ayy)
Just make sure them b****es tinted, I done seen a lot (I swear)
You got some soft, b****? Give my homie some (b****)
Off a dog, b****, b****, I made a honey bun
Shout out to KB, who? b****, the only one
These niggas ain’t me (At all)
We just want a chip, from where? b****, the ABC
I can’t miss s***, we got eight beams (Big drake)
Don’t even ask what year, was 2018
b****es know what’s up
When they hear “Skrrt,” b****es know it’s us
Ayy b****, you know I’m swervin’
She ain’t suckin’ d***, boy, you know I curved her (Duh)
Fifteen hundred orange, b****, you know I’m nervous
They can’t f*** with us, they ain’t up enough