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Tiger Blood Ivan B

Tiger Blood Ivan B

Tiger Blood Ivan B (Lirik lagu) dibawakan untuk anda oleh LIRIKLAGU.MY

I’m playing for keeps
Not a minute to waste
Number one in this piece
Calling out all of you fakes

You get a smack in the face
If you think we’re in the same place
You thinking your cooking perfection
well let me serve you a plate

The kid is
Cooking and cooking
Nobody looking I’m killing it
the barrel’s to the top and
Best believe that I’m spilling it

Every minute
I’m flipping it
Never think that I’m limited
All these women be feeling it
Blowing up is so eminent

Check the score

You want it like I want it
But I want it more
Tryna get me on a track you
Can’t (a Ford)
This that the rain
Before the storm
That bull behind the door
And I’ve been sharpening these horns

What’s real and a dream
Is what your able to see
See the people I grew up with only hauling Ivan B

It didn’t happen over night
it took a little longer
Every sweat that you drop
Is another second getting stronger

Maybe I’m out of mind
Got all these rappers in line
Say I’m too young to be stunting
Guess I’m ahead of my time

Best to believe it
And all of yall could of seen it
I mean we
More slept on than late ads on Tempur-pedic

Never afraid
We operate from the bay
There’s always something to say
When fakes claim to be great

Acting like their making change
Rapping about them golden chains
Than you say your different
Man you all just the same

Never one to fit in
I live in the words I’ve writtin
Reminiscent of the times
classrooms I would sit in

Never felt like I belonged
Never showed it played it strong

the ones who gave me grief
Want me to drop another song
Well Here you go

My past like an ex,
Wont let me go
I’ve dealt with all the hate
But yet my anger seems to

And halfway to the top
It gets warm like your in autumn
People change who they are
When they forget about the bottom

Happiness is currency
I’m about to make a living

Looking at the mirror like
Do you fit in heaven

She putting all this make up on
Cover all the truth
How can you find real
When I can’t see you

And all my boys be calling up like
Homie come through
Like damn all that s*** you said
Really came true
Like We knew you’d make it big
But never thought so soon
So what you doing my man
Let’s get that money real soon

I’m flattered
But all that it
really doesn’t matter
I’m here to make a change
Not make a pocket fatter

That’s the problem on the hush
I’ve had enough
The music that they feeding us
Is killing us

Think about it long enough
I’m really bout to lose it
Every body gy a voice
But rarely do they use it

I pray
Save a mind that’s gone astray

The day I take a break
Is when laying in my grave

For a minute just listen
Right now it’s just you and me
Bravery over retreat
Hunger makes up a king

I know it’s been a while
The kid’s back on the scene
Ruin your self esteem
I’m here to waste your whole team

Fake snakes and lies
Don’t pair me with all these flies
We’ve been on different level man
chasing different skies working on the side
I’ll set the timer when it’s time
I had to kill this s***
Remind myself that I’m alive