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The Pursuit Ivan B

The Pursuit Ivan B

The Pursuit Ivan B (Lirik lagu) dibawakan untuk anda oleh LIRIKLAGU.MY

This for the kids who believe they could never do it
This for the ones too scared to try
This is the moment you step up and own it
Holding your head right to the sky
This is my story, my blood and my tears
My sweat and devotion, my dreams and my fears
I know I can make it, I feel it is near
This is the year, this is my year
Through heartbreaks and breakthroughs
Mistakes through high school and the hardest times I stayed cool even if I felt miserable
So I’m giving it all, I got nothing to lose
Chasing a dream you said I would lose
I’d lost friends; I’ve lost love too
Hung on the journey, I’m finding the truth
Pursuing my dreams, pursuing my calls
I’m risking it all, I’ll fly or I’ll fall
No matter the outcome, I’ll give it my all
Cause’ I started from nothing – yeah – nothing at all
Not for the money, the love or the fame
But for the chance for you to hit ‘play’,
Hear what I say, see me be great
And I’ll show you how a heart breaks
Addicted to love and I hate it, cause maybe I feel like I feel she’ll break it
You’ve done it before we dated, now my love to you is outdated
Cause remember the time you looked in my eyes, and you told me you loved me?
I bet you said the same thing when you were drunk at some dude’s party
Can you feel every word, can you feel all my pain?
Yea, I know I bet you feel nothing
Yeah, I feel all the strain, you can call me insane, but I know for real, we have something
But enough with the stress, I’m gonna’ leave it to rest, even if you did rip my heart from my chest
Wish you the best, even if I’m a mess but just know this, I’m never coming back
Cause I know things never stay the same, love comes and it never stays, best friends always seem to change
But this music always remains the same, through the bitter nights and the longer days, it’s the only thing that’s never changed
Cause I started from nothing, I started from scratch, too many times stabbed in the back
Not my full sign then left in my bag, what’s the point I get no calls back, I know I’ve been busy; I know that’s a fact
And at times I don’t know where I’m at, I want to kick back, I want to chit-chat, but sometimes I can’t, what’s wrong with that?
Pursuing a dream, when you’re pouring a drink, sometimes we do what just don’t want to think
Cause that ain’t the same sunshine to rain, but no matter what, we all just change
And lately I really don’t know what to do
You wished I was there, but would leave me out too
My team is not just a limited few, so I guess I wish the best for you too
The smaller the circle the tighter the trust
Take my team with me, and leave y’all to rust
I never thought me, I always thought us
You always thought you, I gave you my trust
Don’t need your doubts, I don’t need your stress
The times I had with you were the best
But honestly you’re just like the rest
Only come around when there’s more than less
But s*** happens, I know
And truly deep down I’m fine with that
Never had the time to even call me back
Wouldn’t even care if I had a heart attack
So I keep my self up from your doubts and my fears
Fought through it all, from the pain and the tears
Picked myself up for my fans and my peers, for myself and my team, for my fans and I’m here

So I’m picking up the pieces, I’m putting down the past
Mom, you know I got you, I’m gonna pay every single cent back
Give you the light that I think you deserve
Bring my team up from the ground, off the dirt
Picked up a pen and I spilled out a verse
Maybe this time it might really work
Cause I’m getting impatient, I’m not gonna’ lie
Hands in my pockets, my head to the sky
Got no wings, but I’m destined to fly
Open my eyes, and I’m ready to try
Cause, I know what it’s like to be left behind
I know what it’s like to give up inside
I run in my room; every night, I write, what it’s like to put all of that on the side
I don’t do it for me, I just do it for you
Give me your ears, and I’ll give you mine too
You’re part of my team, just know that that’s true
This is my year, No it’s yours too
Putting the fears and the lives of behind
I’m finding myself trying to live life right
Relieving the anger I’ve built up inside, like finding the light in the darkness of night
For the kids who believed they could never do it
For the ones too scared to even try
This is the moment you step up and own it
These are the times to feel alive
So, give me your heart and I’ll give you mine too
Tell me your problems, I’ll show you my wounds
Show me your tears that all dropped out of you
Happiness is what we pursue
But are chasing a dream, and I’m chasing the truth
Looking for love and I found it in you
Built up a team and we’re ready to move
Ready to win or we’re ready to lose
But, no matter the outcome, we do this for you
Give me your hand and we’ll make it there soon
Life is just one beautiful view
We’ll eventually get there
This is The Pursuit [x3]