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The Miles Between Ivan B

The Miles Between Ivan B

The Miles Between Ivan B (Lirik lagu) dibawakan untuk anda oleh LIRIKLAGU.MY

Nobody knows why
Nobody knows how and
This feeling begins just like a spark
Tossing and turning inside of your heart
Exploding in the dark

We used to talk about forever when that s*** didn’t last a second
Finding heaven on my own, and believe me it isn’t pleasant
I know you won’t get this message, I don’t know where you are
Always searching for something better yet you left the brightest star
Man it’s crazy, “I loves you”s to “I don’t knows”
Now I’m sitting here alone like where the hell did you go
Acting like we never met, when’d you get so cold
So many things I want to say, so much that’s left untold
You see, while you’ve been losing all your feelings I’ve been losing my mind
Choosing to find, the truth behind my feelings inside
I got a appetite for you just laying here by my side
Its hard to satisfy that craving in this moment of time
And truthfully I’m sick of thinking all these same lines again
But its just been stuck in my head every time I’m writing in bed
I said I’m moving on, but you and I both know that phase is just dead
More than enough has been said trying to get you out of my head, so goodbye

Calling your name in the midnight hour
Reaching you for in this endless dream
So many miles between us now
But you were always here with me

And maybe it’s for the better, kinda wish we didn’t meet
We went from partners in crime to a couple glances a week
Advocating reconnections but it can’t only be me
You see, you’re a phone call away but feels like planets between
I mean, never being perfect didn’t mean that we weren’t worth it
Never knowing how to word it, what you really meant to me
Do we drowning it cause its burning
Fire beneath the surface
Inside is just where I’m hurting, a smile is all you’ll see
Because these feelings gotta go that’s what I come to truly know
I guess you’ll never know even, when you left I still had hope
And now my heart is growing cold, like the coldest winter’s snow
I know these songs are getting old, but it’s the only thing that’s left to hold so
Damn, all these same lines again, your name is just stuck in my head everytime I’m lying in bed
I said I’m moving on, but you and I just may never really see
You will always be part of me with all these miles between