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Sweaters II Ivan B

Sweaters II Ivan B

Sweaters II Ivan B (Lirik lagu) dibawakan untuk anda oleh LIRIKLAGU.MY

I ain’t here for the money
Though I’m about to make a change
Freedom for the ones who never got a say
Yeah I did it all for you
And you can see it’s coming true
On the pursuit, rocking the same shoes
Every second and session
Is an incredible blessing
Too many ladies undressing
I got no time to be messing around
I ain’t dreaming, I ain’t dreaming
I’m awake
Hard to stay real when they glamorize fake
Tell me what you want man
I’ll tell you what I know
When you slave for a chain don’t it feel like a rope [?]
Feeling good, living better
The weather feeling cold
Let my word be your sweater
Better and better I plan to stay here forever
Until I run out of words
Until I wrote every letter
You know?
Got lines, make an old man wonder
Listened to the tape it was a cold ass summer
Back in the mind, it’s time to capitalize
I’ve been polishing my shoes
I’m about to run it in time
Cause what’s life without a road
Dreams without goals
Sometimes being lost means
You know where to go
I mean
It’s never easy believe me
It’s been a hell of a time
But see without any lows
You’ll never reach for the sky
No stress
Never feeling regrets
Feeling like a king while I’m serving the rest

Just a little less hate
Need a little more love
Show up to the stage everybody go nuts
Say I got what it takes
Man let me blow up
Say I’m killing the game
Guess I gotta own up
Need a bad girl with a good heart
Got it together when I was falling apart
I put the pieces in music and now they calling it art
Its fine to be yourself man
Love who you are
It’s like
Numbs the new feeling
Hurting yourself is not a method for healing
It’s like
They love to forget
Money drugs sex and it’s all for a check
I mean
They play it anyway
If the beat goes hard, man they’ll play it everyday
Let me change that
Let me change that
I’m looking at the world like
Where the change at
Now it’s my turn
I do it from the bay
Here to save the world
Man I do it for the brave
And let my words beckon
Every minute
Every second
From the past to the present
Cause life is a living lesson
I feel it
David Beckham couldn’t fathom my goals
Always showing love till the day I get old
But grab an extra layer it’s about get cold
Almost the time every line to unfold
Let’s go