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Sleeping Pills Ivan B

Sleeping Pills Ivan B

Sleeping Pills Ivan B (Lirik lagu) dibawakan untuk anda oleh LIRIKLAGU.MY


You can find me on the cliffside
All they do is overlook me, yeah
If things don’t pan out, keep it cookin’
You ain’t a fan but you keep on looking, look
Don’t be concerned with what people sayin’
Be concerned when they don’t care to say it
Funny how people will act like they know you
But they don’t even got a clue what they’re sayin’
Don’t compare me to people who don’t compare to me
Look in my eyes if you wanna stare at me
All of a sudden they wanna care for me
Full of love but I had it all carefully
Waited tables turnin’ tables, don’t sit at my dinner table
Look, my team is a restaurant, five-star
I see you been servin’ bagels, yeah

I write lines for a livin’
Wish I had a lifeline
Can you tell I’m not fine?
When I’m down, I write better
Yeah, that’s the upside
Look around me, tell me what you see
A lot of people don’t know what I mean
The little things you want to keep in your life is something that you will eventually be
I heard you live inside a prison
Yeah, what does that mean to me?
I always think about the person I’ll be if I pick up the keys
I’m not ready for that yet; see the future in my bed
See the future in my head, yeah
If any of you want a shot at the crown, aim that gun to my head, yeah
I’m just playin’, I could care less
I won’t be on your level if I tried less
I’m a fan of watches but I’d never wear ’em ’cause I’m timeless
I digest; took the ‘L’ outta limit ’cause I’m it
Took the pain that I processed, turned it to progress
Not a fan of money, ties me down
But it suits me well, that’s a profit, yeah

I’m sick, sorry, no medicine pen it
In motion like pendulums
People don’t get the point, so let me write you a pentagram
Sellin’ your soul for a tuna can
Garbage man sound like you autotune again
Who are you again?
Screwin’ lose again, you are not the man
Couldn’t picture that, foundin’ Instagram, ah!

Everybody sleepin’, huh?
Everybody sleepin’, huh?
Every year before this was a warmup
Sleepin’ pills, I don’t see ’em kickin’ up
Hard to keep my manners but I’m nicer with a pen
See the world in different colors, love and hate just seem to blend
Everybody want the product, not the work, so they pretend
Like they got it but they don’t know when it’s gonna end, yeah
Lotta people love to talk
Why don’t they love to show up?
Too many Drakes inside a controller
I don’t need Jay to tell you it’s over
Never played poker
All of my chips on my shoulder
Pick you apart, you a clover, huh
Flirtin’ with the stars, made it high some longer
That’s a Casanova

Listen, I’m only twenty-two
But I feel like fifty-nine
I love the diamond on your neck
Show me the diamond in your mind
A lot of rappers in their feelin’s
They see the numbers doin’ great
They see the food that’s on the plate
So they got nothin’ else to say
I’m not like any of you
450 too many of you
Where’s the pen skill in any of you?
I guess they really let anyone through
Blood on the page, they say it ain’t mine
We’ll pay you attention, we’ll give you a dime
Doin’ me, I do it all the time
I’m a kind human losin’ faith in humankind
If I’m not on your list, you can keep me off it
When this thing starts movin’, better see you off it
Love talkin’ ’bout life, now I’m handin’ coffins
I want Mary Jane cause I’ll be Mary Poppin’
Ivan, stop it, too much fire droppin’
Fuelin’ NASA rockets
If this was cake, no one can top it
More I try to seem myself together, the more they seem to say I lost it, yeah

Tear me with it, I just go and live it
Quarter-life is coming, I’ma go and flip it
Sick of every leader, A-Z, you get it
Sick of all of you, guess I’m alphabetic
Wait for album two if you’re a fan or critic
If you sleepin’ on me, I’ma leave you in it
Yeah, I got a plan, I call it “go and get it! “