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Run It Ivan B

Run It Ivan B

Run It Ivan B (Lirik lagu) dibawakan untuk anda oleh LIRIKLAGU.MY

Yeah, yeah
Finding freedom every time I’m rhyming
Dreams of filets while I’m eating Ramen
What’s a diamond if you didn’t mine it?
Only X’s that I see is at the bottom where I’m signing
Want the realist?
This is where you find it
Give you fragments of my mind and I hope you don’t mind it
I’m dropping heat, that’s why they call me climate
Take the “L” out of limit cause I’m it

Everybody raps, everybody sings, everybody dreams
Everybody think they got it, thinking they the one, I doubt it
Look at your circle
It’s lookin’ just a bit crowded
When everybody sound alike I don’t know what you’ve been proud of
But do ya thing, boy
It’s all the same, boy
I’ve been killin’ these games since my Gameboy
Think you’re one of a kind, but it’s the same noise
If it isn’t the squad then it’s a lame choice
You don’t think I’m gonna blow? Keep tickin’ me off
I see you lookin’ for a wham but you seem a bit lost
I see you lookin’ for fame but do you know what it cost?
Let me tell you right now; everything a mirage
Make a life worth livin’ while you tryna imitate em’
Your life, your story, your canvas, you paint em’
Lookin’ for Heaven while I’ve been battling Satan so know I’ll never worry if I’ll find myself “famous”
But I’mma make it so my mama doesn’t settle for payments
Losin’ my patience I’m never losing my placement
Steppin’ outside, that’s what I call a vacation
You wanna reach the top? You gotta start from the basement
If you’re full of may-may’s I don’t wanna listen
Rappers buying styles, yeah they stay fishing
I’mma drop an album in December cause I’m too gifted
Haters takin’ more shots than twenty frat systems
Only pals that I got is my PayPal
Couldn’t care less what anybody gotta say now
“Livin’ in a dream” is the only thing I gotta say now
Snakes tryna slide through like everything’s a playground, yeah

No snakes in my yard, boy!

The thing is when you’re broke, you can only look up
When there’s fire in your heart, you can only erupt
See I’m comin’ for that world tour
Comin’ for that encore
Comin’ for that lady in the front like I want more
Handsome and cunning yeah that’s that legend be coming
Rat-game vasectomy who thought I’d be coming
Runnin’ from this world just to catch up to my dreams
Said I’d never make it, now I caught it by the seams
Letters in my soul just so I can hear you sing
Tell you everything I know and all the little things I see
Like people got a face that they don’t want you to see
Like why do people have a cover like they write magazines?
Tell me what you need, I got it
Even off the court, I’m ballin’
Destiny callin’, I guess you know I been poppin’
Stay up, yeah we way up
Only Swisses no lay-ups
Aye, If you on the field, doesn’t mean you that you playin’
See, yeah, shout out to them high school kids tryna’ be best friends like it’s no big deal!
Got a chip on my shoulder the size of a stone wheel
The things you said I couldn’t do, aye it’s all real!
You hated the grind, I’ve got fans on the ride
I’m handing life lessons, you handing out curly fries!

No hate, I’m just being real
Tell you how I really feel, uh

So many bars, they’ve got me facing conviction
So many lines like I’m embracing addiction
Listen, it comes to repetition, like how bad do you want it?
I know you think about it all the time, but YOU gotta start it!
You gotta pick up the pen
You gotta run to the end
Get up and do it again
All of you playing pretend
Irrevelant minds assume the more relevant
Life will come and get you if you’re ready or not, uh
Ray-Bans on doesn’t make you see any different
And buying every Jordan doesn’t better your shot, yeah
Coming for the spot no one’s ever got
This a letter for the ones who never gave me a shot, I’m hot
Watch your step before you end up watching mine
Labels hand you a crown but I’mma label it “Mine”
It’ time, Underdog steppin’ into his prime
What’s a star if it ain’t ready to shine?
Cause I run it