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Price Tag Ivan B

Price Tag Ivan B

Price Tag Ivan B (Lirik lagu) dibawakan untuk anda oleh LIRIKLAGU.MY

I treat the booth like the gym
But my wallet getting fatter
Real recognize real; do you even matter?
How many rappers I gotta send to the grave?
I restocked on stamps so open the gates
I’m here to write a couple lines; maybe you could relate
Like, you only feel great when you fill up a tank
But I ain’t thinking about it; I ain’t thinking about it
Lace up; run the game, instead of tripping about it
Yea, what you want? What you need?
When you saying life is fine but you never get to see your kids
And everything they did
What’s a life to give when you work to live?
Hear my thoughts on it
Matter of fact. I’m at work right now
And they acting like they all forever got me
Ten minute break when I wrote this down
I want fame and fortune, but what it cost me?

Got a dollar in my hand and a million on my mind
Looking out the window like, “This could all be mine”
What’s the limit? I’ll break it
They say they’re real but they fake it
I see the crown; I’ma take it
Cause I’ve been losing my patience
I made it going a hundred
I see them holding me down
What’s a sea full of friends when they letting you drown?
Life is always swinging; are you down for the count?
They say I’m getting competition
I see no one around
Shooting for the stars like they’re in our spot
I’m trying to pass a class that I should have dropped
No props; left work early and I didn’t mop
I’ve been sweeping up the garbage every rapper drops
Don’t you get it? We next
It’s all swiss, no less
It’s all good; we blessed
We got the brave on deck
But I’m stressed like, can I get it all?
Lose the one I love then what’s to gain at all?
Forget about your squad then how you gonna ball?
If no one see your picture then what you gonna draw?
Everything has got a price; what you willing to pay?
Would you lose the ones you love for the things that you pray?
What’s an all black Lambo if you losing your way?
But my dinner plate empty so, what can I say?
Do I play it safe or go and risk it all?
But what’s fame if they don’t want you to call?

When I try to forget, I seem to think of you more
Lately I’ve been working to a quarter of four
Cause I don’t know what I’m doing
I know you’re thinking I’m fine
And every time I think of you, I’m always writing a line
I know you want an answer but I don’t know why
Cause am I looking ahead or am I looking behind?
Once so close; I never thought it would end
But what’s the price of love with no time to spend?