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Maybe Tonight Ivan B

Maybe Tonight Ivan B

Maybe Tonight Ivan B (Lirik lagu) dibawakan untuk anda oleh LIRIKLAGU.MY

Every time I get out of bed
Another morning text from my girl
And this how it read

“Love you so much
Have an amazing day
And don’t let any stress
Get inside your head”

Warming up the mic as I write these lines
Letting out the stress living in my mind
Waking up at 6 passing out at dawn
Writing out punchlines
Like click clack bang

Feeling like I’m living
Like I’m going insane
Finally got a buzz man, where is the champagne?
People throwing out these daps
Cause they like these raps
Y’all don’t even know my real last name

Make it a living
See, every minute we driven
Always giving, gotta win it
Gotta pave our own way
Someday ima get it one way
Up late, tryna get it straight, innovate

No name I write is in ink
No ones ever permanent
A kid tryna make it off rap
Everybody’s heard of it

Who’s got a hunger like mine
Losing my voice after every single session
I’ve been battling depression
But I’m doing just fine
Will I ever make it
That’s the million dollar question
I’ve been running out of time

Every night I’m falling back to what
I dream of

Tonight is the night
That we living it

Maybe it happens or maybe it doesn’t
But just like the wind you don’t see when it’s coming
Zero to something
Out here I’m hunting the bay to NY
Then a flight out to London

Life’s too short to live basic
Starts in your chest like base hits
Giving everything I got to see
Myself on screen, screaming: “Momma I made it”

Vibe with it, just vibe with it
Tonight is the night we fly a bit
Working in my room
Always passing out at noon
I can see it coming soon
Like you holding down the zoom

Now we dreaming of the future
On the things that it’ll be like
Person ima be like
All we see is green lights
Green lights

Nothings ever what it’s seem like
Yeah, I wonder what it be like

Every night I’m falling back to what
I dream of

But tonight is the night
That we living it

Time to excel
B.E.T cypher to XXL
Nothing to say, not a whole lot to tell
Cause you’ve seen the tape
Rodger goodell

Workin in the bay, while the east coast want it
See me in your city like a visiting commit
Rappers say they’re on
I’ve been already on it
Showing you my mind
With these lyrics I’m drawing

Bussing every table
Just to make about a penny
I’ve been dreaming of the day that I really get paid
Nothing but a youngin’
I’ve been always getting ready
For the moment that my name
Is being called on stage

Livin’ what they said I couldn’t
But this the only life I know
And the stress always comes and goes
Maybe ima lose control
Cause these highs always come from lows