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Lowest Point Ivan B

Lowest Point Ivan B

Lowest Point Ivan B (Lirik lagu) dibawakan untuk anda oleh LIRIKLAGU.MY

I’m on my lowest point, I’m on my lowest point
God, I need you more than ever
I need to hear your voice
I don’t know what to say
I don’t know how to feel
I’ve looked over so many things
Can you tell me when I’m gonna heal?
I wonder when I’m going to stand up for myself
Stand for the things I believe in
Who’s gonna tell me they love me and mean it?
Who can I trust? I won’t keep any secrets
You said I could trust you, I ended up bleeding
And you ended up leaving, you ended up leaving
No star’s gonna shine forever
No sky lives without any storm
There’s always a cloud in the summer
Is it love if nobody endures?
Is it love when you tell me you love me at night when you want to feel warm?
Is it love when I tell you I love you so you don’t feel hurt anymore?
Is it love if the love ain’t the same anymore?
There’s pain in my chest, it won’t leave me alone
Didn’t need much, just don’t leave me alone
Cars, planes, and boats, this feeling just don’t wanna go
Feels like I’m outta control, feel like I’m losing my mind
Feels like I’m outta my mind
They say time heals everything
Feels like I’m outta time, yeah

Why is it always me? Why is it always me?
Why is it when I’m hurt I send the apology?
My heart is my greatest strength
Right now it’s my greatest weakness
The deepest cuts you won’t never see
Sometimes we don’t even see it
Sometimes I get in my car just to drive
Sometimes I feel like I’m not alive
Sometimes I look up to Heaven like, “Is there a ladder to climb?”
Put on my forehead, “I’m fine”
I don’t got too many friends
Every day I just sit in my room
Some people will knock on my door
But I’m sorry, don’t got any room
People come in, they eventually leave
Starting to think that maybe it’s me
Like maybe this is just all I’ma be
Ruin the good thing then put it in music
Rewind and repeat
This is my lowest point
This is my lowest moment
There’s always remains of the past
They live in all of us, every moment
Learning to live with them
Learning to deal with them
Learning you can’t just let ’em go
Why do things just disappear when you pass a certain road?
I wrote you a text, I’m scared to send it
Kinda don’t want you to read it
‘Cause if I send it to you now
I know I’ma say I don’t mean it, yeah

Let me sleep
I am tired of my grief
Ay, I don’t know man, I’m just tired
And I would like you
If you’re not gonna keep promises, don’t make some in the first place
To love me, to love me, to love me
I guess it’s always just me in the end, huh?
This is the night when these woods sigh
Yeah, I don’t know; that’s it, I’m done