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I’ve Been There Ivan B

I’ve Been There Ivan B

I’ve Been There Ivan B (Lirik lagu) dibawakan untuk anda oleh LIRIKLAGU.MY


Yeah, look
I’m so tired of bussing these tables
To put some food on the table
Tired of all ya’ll thinkin’ I walk around with a halo
Put myself on a pay road
I helped the fam with the pesos
Can’t get out of this house
Unless my bank account says so
All these insufficient funds, story of the night
Crazy how a piece of paper wraps around your life
And to hear my father laugh, yo it’s really been a while
Like, we really only work so maybe we can cop a smile
I’ve been thinkin’ too much, my homies drinkin’ too much
So listen, this one for your soul my brother, fill up your cup
Cause all that silence is cancer, when she calls
You don’t answer, bro, just cause she with you it doesn’t mean that you have her

Late night hoops with the boys
Bless efy with the lay ups, we stay up
They say if I shoot and make it, don’t forget to take us
I know, we always playin’ just to look at the stars
I know you scared of the future my man, I’ve been where you are

I know


I lost the love of my life, for chasing more out of life
Been lookin’ up to the heavens, like “Am I doing this right?”
I’ve been obsessing over love, yeah, that’s a fight I never won
What I learn from the war? Find who you are before the one
Now they askin’ where’s the old me, man, ya’ll don’t even know me
Forced my way into the stars
And George Lucas couldn’t clone me
Gotta elephant mind, Gotta trunk full of rhymes
What’s a Rolex on you’re wrist when you been workin’ overtime

Yeah, Walkin’ through the hallway
Freshman year, got many fears
I got my headphones on my ears
I never listen to my peers
Now they spinnin’ what I’m spittin’ but they salty wavin’ back
The more you get from life, the bigger target on your back
So I kept my cirlce close, we built the things that we have
Cause jealousy is hating love you wish that you had
So listen when I say you gotta fight for yourself
You gotta chase the life you wanna live
I’ve been there myself


Last one
They love when they break you
Hate you when you find the…happiness they’re lookin’ for
So no, I got no answer for the voicemails in my phone
And all the texts like “Where you be at?”
No time for all that nonsense
Got no time to even re-act
All I know is who I be
To the girl I met last week
You shouldn’t need 30 minutes for you to like what you see
I wanna see behind the scene’s
I wanna see what beauty brings
I wanna meet the girl at home before she bought these nice things

Put my chips inside these dreams
Now I’m going all in, I’m ballin’
My time is ringin’ like my exes be callin’, I’m on it
I got these circles around my eyes, man I can hardly sleep
When you ain’t workin’ someone else is “Are you strong or weak?”
The time is now, take a sip, or let it slip
You up to bat, the wanna miss
You gotta swing to make a hit
Don’t you listen to the crowd
But feel the beat of your heart
I know you scared of what you want my love
I’ve been where you are

Yeah, yeah, that’s it!
We made it baby!
Ha ha