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I’ll Be Ok Ivan B

I’ll Be Ok Ivan B

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And I’m just sitting on my couch
I’m just sitting in my room
I’m trying to make a life, with the music in the booth
I don’t know where I’m going and I hate where I’ve been
Every night’s been a loss, working hard to see a win
Y’all probably think, like what the hell is he saying
I’m saying that I hate it, that I haven’t even made it
Yeah it hurts and it stings
Trying to be a king
But it gets kind of hard, when you work at Burger King
Man, I hate that I’m broke, have enough just to get by
Saving up to buy a mics up at Best Buy
Trying my best, but the grades are just not high
B’s and C’s tell my mom that I’m just fine, but I’m not
So I’m here, giving everything I’ve got
Putting every single check in the pot
But it’s okay, I must sleep today,
Cuz in the end, everything will be OK

It’s been ups and downs
Smiles and frowns
And I’m trying to find a way to, turn it around
And I get so hectic, that nobody gets it
Which is why I only socialize with music and Netflix
So, hit me up in the attic, it’s where you’ll find me
To my haters look ahead, cuz you’re behind me
Love it when you say the music is inspiring
Cuz inspiring, is truly what I wanna be
But honestly this is all I really wanna see
Taking all my time, spending all my energy
Buy a house, then go and blow a hundred G
But really, this is all my insecurities
So I’m here giving everything I’ve got
Every chip in the pot
But it’s Okay, I’mma sleep today,
Cuz in the end everything will be OK