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Honesty Hours Ivan B

Honesty Hours Ivan B

Honesty Hours Ivan B (Lirik lagu) dibawakan untuk anda oleh LIRIKLAGU.MY

When I’m being honest, I’m scared of what will come out
It’s 1:30 in the morning, man why am I tripping out?
I have a dream that’s in my hands but I can feel it slippin’ out
They don’t listen when you’re silent so my heart is speaking out
I’ve been sweeping these thoughts while I’ve been mopping these floors
I can’t wait to tell my mom “I bought this house and it’s yours”
Not a cloud up in the sky, but in my heart man, it pours
When I look in the mirror, he’s like “well work a bit more”
I fell in love with your eyes, but we got different perspectives
You hit me up, I don’t reply, that right there is a message
Just forget it, just pretend like that we’re good, it’s all okay
But even though you’re gone all these feelings stay
They say, when you’re angry you don’t mean it but that’s when you mean it most
I still remember every face when they told me I was a joke
I wrote it down just so I could let it go
If you never leave the dirt, then how could you ever grow?
I’ve became what I overcame
If they don’t know you, make a name
I’m only looking back just to see how far I came
There’s a record for the later nights
Baby come and hear it when you’re dancing in the club
I’m making music for the spirit like

But you don’t get it do you?
No matter what I’m saying, nothing’s ever gettin’ through you
You are what you wanna be
Nobody can shape you
There’s no soul like your soul
Not even God can replace you, you’re perfect
Bones I gotta pick, I’m looking down at the menu
You could love everybody, there’s always someone that hates you
This that food for thought, I really hope you’re grabbin’ that plateful
But you gotta love the wordplay, yeah, my pens feelin’ playful
Kids taking shots for all the kids gettin’ shot
He couldn’t sell any cigarettes without guns smoking hot
All these tears that I drop, mean nothing
Less I push back, so push more does more to do than thinking up a hashtag
Everybody rapping but nobody sayin’ nothing
Who the hottest up and coming, I see no one worth discussing
Sentimental lines, I don’t believe in all the hype
You got your fans cause of beats
I got these fans cause of life

But it ain’t where you came from
So how far will you go?
The deepest lines every night is where my mind always goes
And that’s the difference you’re seeing
So listen up it’s important
I’d rather talk what I’m feeling then turn up and ignore em
And at the same time, it scares me the most
You let em in, they know your story then they judge what you wrote
I give you all who I am
Whether you accept or resent me
See, when I vent, I’m inventing so every trial’s a blessing
Just give it time
Just give it time
Just give it time
I give you all who I am
Whether you accept or resent me
See, when I vent, I’m inventing so every trial’s a blessing
Just give it time