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Golden Moments Ivan B

Golden Moments Ivan B

Golden Moments Ivan B (Lirik lagu) dibawakan untuk anda oleh LIRIKLAGU.MY

What’s a life story if you let someone fill it
What’s the point of dreaming if you let someone kill it
From the Bay Area, chilling
Go and get it, what they told me
So I had it, my time, I’m really liking the old me
Only balling with my Jordans on
Tell me what’s been going on
You act so different all around me lately I’ve been going on
Yeah, give them something to relate to
I hate to be the one who always feels like Imma chase you
Stories of the heart to show you what’s been torn apart
When everything has an ending, tell me where do I start
Mountains of fears and I just hope I don’t cave in
I wanna save the world but I think i need some saving
Chasing dreams, chasing times
Losing sense when chasing dimes
There’s diamonds and struggles they call it finding the light
There’s rainbows and puddles that’s all perspective on life
I’m losing sleep so my wife can sleep so much better at night
Blessings on blessings always got God on my mind
Sometimes the things I love is what’s been making me blind
Cause when you take the cross everyday’s a cross road
Who knows where I’ve been going, losing grip don’t let go
Pushing the limits when I be touching the paper
This that food for your soul and every night I’m a cater
Savior moments to feel and the drive
What are you feeling inside
Living the live is different than loving to be alive
What you putting is the outcome
How come, everybody I know settles for less
I can’t be tied to a desk, rather be tied to my neck
I see I’m waiting for Christmas for a little more on a check
To spend on bottles and bottles
You drinking just to feel something
Looking for happiness while you smile like you have it
But happiness ain’t at the bottom of a bottle
And the saddest part about it is, you already knew that
It’s crazy how you find hate, for doing what you love
They tell you be yourself but then you’re, never enough
You listen to my words and you might think it’s for you
But see I struggle with happiness, I’m still tryna break through
I piece together these lines to remind myself it’s okay
I’ll never be perfect, life is finding your way
And harder times are coming and your heart may be cold
But every night always turns to a moment of gold