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Exhale Ivan B

Exhale Ivan B

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Everybody thinkin’ they got it, but all I see is robotics
If you make a way from the jump, rappers are hoppin’
Wonder if it’s really real-all the love that you’re giving me
Do you really want a friend or are you scared to be enemies (ugh!)
Do this on my own in a pen and no label
I do the horse work, yeah, nothing is stable
Demons wearing these halos, don’t believe every angel
Nothing’s fate ’til it’s fatal, flip this script be the staple, yeah
Let me keep it real with ya
Say you the top pick, but you ain’t the topic of discussion
Buncha rappers talk a lot of nonsense
Which is funny, I can’t even understand it
Man, I wanna know what happened
Look what rap’s is turning into
No skills with a beat that they feed you
Sixteen-year-old kids feeding into, see-through
I’ll be there before you ever see me be you, yeah
Doesn’t matter what I say or what I write about
All that really matters are the values that I write about
If you’re saying things that you don’t know of, I’ma call you out
Don’t you say you know me off a couple things you heard about, yeah
Tryna end makin’ ends meet, I’m tryna write the simple things that you can’t see
You start accepting defeat when you care more about your feet
Than any journey you see and all the steps that you need
What could I paint the world when they don’t see the picture?
If you got what you wanted, do you think that it will fix ya? (Nah)
Never knowing what you had until you lose it and it hits ya
Never know what you can reach until you take a shot and miss it
I’ma always do me, only time I really lose when I lose sleep
Salivating when I hear a beat, let’s eat
Oh, you don’t see the wave? Let’s see!
I use to hit up every blog waiting like, “Oh well…”
Had a flash drive, took it to a concert, threw it on stage with my email
If you’re gonna fail, might as well do it yourself
I had nobody, no connects, no money
If it’s me in a room, yeah, nobody saw me
So I did it myself, now everybody wants something
Saying to us “See, man, I said it was coming!”
That kid from the west side wrote his feelings, now they feel him worldwide
Seeing minds open all wide, if you want the work, yeah, we open all night
Night shift game, up the game all night
What’s a wave when the whole team sails?
Friends come when things sell
Is it real? I can’t tell
Is it real? I can’t tell
I got all this anger inside of my mind and I’m sure that it’s making me blind
I look at the things that I have in my life, everything that I bottle inside
I take it all in but I can’t let it go
Why does the road always feel like it’s home?
Say I’ll collapse while they stay and they roam
Anger that’s in me, I need to let it go

I know I need to let it go
I gotta let it go, but I can’t
All this hunger that is in me, yeah
I know you say you get me, even though I know you can’t
I know I need to let it go, I gotta let it go, but I can’t
All this hunger that is in me, yeah
I know you say you get me, even though I know no one can

I think you got it confused, I’m not here to make friends
I know rappers that hate, I get love from their fans
And you want my attention with things you’ve been saying
How many times you’re gonna write to me?
Huh? I’m just saying!
I try to be nice by not saying a word
Try to be nice when your feelings are hurt
Could care less what you gotta say
This for anyone who really thinks they’re worth writing a verse
I’m not into the beef or the games
Everybody’s got something to say
Everyday there’s some kid getting shot in the rain
I’m not wasting my time with you lames
Couldn’t care less who you think that I sound like
I’m looking for God, you can have all the limelight
This music is more than just feeding my pride
Fans always sayin’ I’m saving their lives
When I’m all in your head, yeah, we gettin ahead
Killing this is a dream, let me put that to bed
Want a chain and a crown, ’cause they say I got next
Wanna press me with lines but I’m not so impressed
Look how swift the pen is
Leave a dent in the game, I’m the dentist
Peace and love, but anybody can get it
Ace among men, I’m the menace
My life’s inside these lines, that’s a life sentence (woo!)
I know none of you thought I was good enough
You’re listening now like I leveled up (Leveled up!)
You’re feeling it now, put a finger up (Put em up!)
Adolescence to adult lessons, who really cares about any message? (No one!)
No one cares about feelings or how you’re feeling, getting high like every second
I write music with meaning for people that need it
Don’t need your approval, in fact you can keep it (Yeah)
Don’t need any blog or recognition
I felt the victory way before the vision (Yeah)
I believed in myself when nobody would
I stood in a place where nobody stood
Don’t act like you know me even if you did, everyday is another book

They say it’s all in due time, well ain’t it funny how it’s over due?
So ahead of my time, every goal I set is a déjà vu
Tour bus, I’ma load that
Dope lines only time when I roll back
Gotta come to the bay where it’s all at
Everybody got a dream but they sell that, yeah
No one got it, no one never did
All I ever wanna do is live
Every diamond that I get, I did it for the ones living delicate
I said
No one got it, no one never did
All I ever wanna do is live
Every diamond that I get, I got it from the pressure of keeping it in