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Empty Passenger Seat Ivan B

Empty Passenger Seat Ivan B

Empty Passenger Seat Ivan B (Lirik lagu) dibawakan untuk anda oleh LIRIKLAGU.MY

A kid, 18, taking a miraculous leap
They say I’m only dreaming when I hardly ever sleep
I put my being on this paper, bleed it out on every sheet
Feeling like a villain, murder beats and then repeat
I said I would, they said I couldn’t, should’ve put it on blast
Still a student who would’ve thought every failure’s an illusion now
Now the one’s who stood against me are the one’s that took a seat
And now I’m aiming for the stars, NASA, could it reach?
Gotta take what you ain’t giving
Give a 120, a minute, no gimic, no missin’, so listen and prison
And the mind I live in, driven to finish the mission
Happiness is currency, I’m trying to make a living
Don’t you get it, I feel it, like we want the first light
Now it’s time to get it right, so many things up in my mind
But meantime, I get up, forget and keep going
As long as the beat’s going, for now I’m just…

I’m just driving through the city, it’s just me in my whip
Already tossed out all my feelings, but I’m feeling the wind
Because I’m never coming back, yeah, I’m never coming back
Never knowing where I’m at and I hope you’re fine with that
Because things always happen, I know (because things always happen, I know)
People always leaving, I know (people always leaving, I know)
Too many thoughts in my mind, too many thoughts in my mind
But I know I’ll be fine
So for now I ain’t coming back

All I got is me and that’s more than enough
Only conducting perfection until we about to combust
So see, it’s coming right up
Like we about to erupt
Living in a world full of hatred, I’m only breathing the love
Because they wishing you the best until you’re doing better things
Doubting your success even before you spread your wings
I’m giving it my all just to find out what it brings
Hungry like a peasant but I’m ruling like a king
The greater the struggle only the brighter the triumph
Used to doubt where I could go, always been battling giants
All I ever knew was defiance
But I’ve learned and I’m grown
Now the room full of giants is what I’m calling my home
Cause they said I’d never make it, now I’m fiending to take it
So you could love it or hate it, but we both know that you play it, uh
Driving down the road not a bit of hesitation
It’s not about how you do it, but the final destination