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Dinner Times Ivan B

Dinner Times Ivan B

Dinner Times Ivan B (Lirik lagu) dibawakan untuk anda oleh LIRIKLAGU.MY

(feat. Cayman Cline)

[Ivan B:]
She tripping cause you never call her
I want more checks than Nike’s ever had to offer
Top of the books, and I ain’t talking about a scholar
Flowing so much, it’s like I’m living underwater
What a scenery, tell me what you see in me
Somebody make a class, man I’m about to make some history
Swear they envy what you ain’t
They wanna tell you what to paint
Let me value what you think while I’m headed to the bank, uh
Hitting switches, switching lanes
Flip the switch I’m on my game
Tiger blood inside my veins
Confidence on higher levels like I’m in and out of planes
Told me it was over, guess I really overcame
I hate that I love it, you set the bar I’m above it
You set the road Imma run it
How many hills I gotta add, man I swear I’m a summit
I’m living ten out of ten, don’t drop tapes, they plummet
Life is so beautiful, that’s my line for your funeral
Body bagging everybody, pick a coffin that’s suitable
Irrefutable future, your boy been booking it up
Like the smell that you smelling, yeah I been cooking it up
Young boy stunting, he got it, nobody carry us
Making it out of the Bay Area
Watch the pennant ship, get me to a dealership
You and I are not the same, puppies to an elephant
No feelings got a wallet, needs filling, we the coldest
Team chilling, every prison got a ceiling
Why you living like you A1, little shack, hook shot, A1
Close friends know where that’s from
Bigger leagues in a bigger time
Come with me, open up your mind
One in a million, I’ve been the one on the rise
Tables turning in my favor now it’s dinner time
Now it’s dinner time

[Cayman Cline:]
Memories of me and God
s*** been really getting to me
Put me on a fear till I take a loss
Maybe that’s why I’m behind, f*** it, that’s how I’m designed
Who are you to tell me how to do it
I’ve been doing every year, I’ve been doing fine
Picking up my failures and shadow my accomplishments
Kids looking up to me like I ain’t done the opposites
I ain’t got the answers to the problems let me tell you
f*** it I’m a real one, let me say that
Drop a grip from the advance, give a f*** where that land
All that matters is what I made back
And some of y’all ain’t on the same track
And some of y’all don’t do the same stats
Go f*** around and see the world in every color through a canvas
It don’t matter if that paint black
ADD, even attention don’t get paid back
Just a little motherf***er from the city I reside in
Wonder where the f*** my pride went
This is me and me
Only little movie through my eyes like a POV moment
Pipe jeans motherf***er, super bowl status
Crowd screaming barely hypes me motherf***er
Mills couldn’t make me hype these motherf***er
What inspires you, I just write me motherf***er
I’m in popular demand
What’s popular to you probably ain’t as cool as popular demands
I’m as popping as it stands
I just bottle up my confidence and toss it to the fans
Barely talking to my parents
f*** a social status I’m the role model of the new gen
The new gems come polished