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Cold Shoulder Moneybagg Yo

Cold Shoulder Moneybagg Yo

Cold Shoulder Moneybagg Yo (Lirik lagu) dibawakan untuk anda oleh LIRIKLAGU.MY

Yea. Back to the basics. I can’t escape it nah
They like they understand me better when I speak it raw
I’m thinking bout how deep it get from digging in my thoughts
But then again I already know what come with being a boss
I’m whispering in her ear. Saying I love you
I’m gonna do better. Kissing her lips
Buy her a bag and then we f*** she like boy you a trip
Why you think you can fix everything with your d*** and gifts
Barely say no to my kids. Been like that since I birthed em
DeMoney a spitting image of me. His momma say I cursed em
Changes and blessing come with time cause that what life bring
Didn’t understand that s*** clear enough til I made Spring
I got b****es lying on my name trying they best to get some clout
Niggas think its swisher sweet til I break those choppers out
Family never asked for my number but now they reaching out
Post a picture with some money they screen shot it trying to count
I ain’t f***ing with no rappers I’m sticking to the plan
Came in with my day ones, that’s how I’m gonna leave
Tavo, Danjoe, G. Been through it all with me
Sat on the bench beside me so its a must they ball with me
s*** don’t even be what it look like. It just be seeming perfect
Sometimes I ask where the love at but Don’t mean I’m searching
I hate that I gave it attention knowing it didn’t deserve it
Did a diagnostic check and all my buttons working
Why you telling her the business when you go laying up with her
Ain’t talking to no pillow especially about my niggas
Take a certain type of nigga to relate to what I’m feeling
I’m just venting to myself smoking staring at the ceiling

I’m gangsta from the heart. Started from the gutta
Robbing niggas stealing cars. I’m so glad I played it smart
I’m gangsta from the heart. Beat the odds a million times
Da struggle made a stars. Make em feel it bar for bar
Told em. Didn’t believe me so I showed em
I’m smashing on the gas got no plans of pulling over
Wrap my hands around my arm. Got the world in my palms
Forced me to go numb. I give em cold shoulder

You dead to me I had to go stiff. Overtime putting in long hours
I don’t come off the shift
They hate so hard in my neighborhood wanna do me like Nip
Pray I ain’t looking at a friend if I gotta empty da clip
Talk to Gotti on the phone he like look bruh leave it alone
But I can’t stay away the trenches where I feel at home
I do it first, they gravitate. These rap niggas my protege
I never hate… 762s penetrate, drum sound like an 808
Boom. She went against the rules. f***ed the opposition dude
I know we ain’t together but I still don’t feel that its cool
Guess you ran outta weapons cause now you trying to use my son
Everything don’t need a response. I’m just done