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Chapter 2 Ivan B

Chapter 2 Ivan B

Chapter 2 Ivan B (Lirik lagu) dibawakan untuk anda oleh LIRIKLAGU.MY

It’s not the place you came from
It’s where your heart is placed in
Every rose that grew up never picked out their vases
The past is just a string, I used to say, “Just let it go”
‘Til you look inside the mirror and see everything you’ve sown
These the pages of my past; pieces I made peace with
You feel better forgetting
You’re better off if you keep them
Trust me, I get it, “Why hold the things that have broke you?”
When you don’t learn from your past is when it starts to control you
Start to feel like that it’s you, but it isn’t; turn up the volume
Just listen, the past is blueprints of every decision
Every mistake, every scar, every incision
Don’t you get it? Feeling lost shouldn’t be a tradition
If you don’t deal with the past, you’ll just see it tomorrow
Your heart is heavy ’cause you let your bags turn into cargo
Driving through life wondering how far can your car go
Tryna leave a place you’ll end up seeing tomorrow

I know, I get it
They say history repeats itself-you ever wonder why?
Maybe the truth is in the past, I saw we’re living in a lie
Make the same mistakes, blame the man that’s in the sky, nah!

Sell me what you want, I ain’t taking no part in it
More I see in the industry, less I wanna be part of it
You’d be surprised what they lose to be a star
When you lose your soul, tell me, is it really worth all of it?
The brighter the lights, the darker it gets
The world shows you happiness, yet they want you depressed
That’s why their music sells
That’s why they popping pills
That’s why they market this poison like it’s been good for your health
Am I the only one? Am I the only one to see it?
Am I killing your buzz? Am I not cool for the weekend?
Am I not cool for your club? ‘Cause I don’t talk about women
See the fans, how we’re winning, you can keep all your opinions
You can keep all the millions of artists sounding the same
This ain’t an album of happiness, this a journal of pain
This how to pick up the pieces to put your life in the frame
This the remains of my past, how I grew from the change
Maybe this isn’t meant for me
Tempting, should I let it be?
Let me feel the souls of everybody who’s empty
Doesn’t matter to me, if you hate me or love me
All that matters to me is the kinda person I’m becoming
It’s okay to look back to find the pieces we’re missing
You’re only stuck in the past if you’re not growing within it
‘Cause who we today is what we were last night
You’ll never see chapter two if you erase what you write, agh!