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Believe Ivan B

Believe Ivan B

Believe Ivan B (Lirik lagu) dibawakan untuk anda oleh LIRIKLAGU.MY

I’ve been pursuing every impossible
Sometimes I do wanna let out
Every minute they aiming to get in my head
I’m struggling just to get out
The weight on my shoulders, the world getting colder, I’ll only getting older, I know
This whole life is just a time-clock and who knows how much I have left to go

Learning the value of dreams
Mom had me when she was just seventeen
Birthdays I felt like a king, cuz when you got nothing, you do learn the value of things
And the time being pushed on the swing
Barely had nothing, but managed to get me my wings
I’mma give you these diamonds and rings
No more “I Promises”,
Come and believe and you’ll see

Chasing the future, I’m finding the place, to finally say that “We Made it!”
Devoted my time, and strengthened my mind, I’ve been looking, I’ve found my safe-haven
So open your heart, this is not for your ears
Finding my demons, the doubts from my peers
I don’t need a degree, this is my career
So close, I can feel it, it’s near

And they say, they always relate
They don’t even know where I’m at though
Stressed every time I get in my car, I’m like “damn, where did my cash go?”
I’ve been trying to adjust, maybe things will clear up, but lately it’s only been rough
I’m sick of my girl always paying the check, cause right now we just don’t have enough

And I’m feeling like this is the point, this is the time, where I jump or I die, I’ve been feeling alive
Like I made it inside, failing for sure, if you don’t even try, I won’t be denied
Cause I know the stars seem far… not many are willing to dream
Everybody’s always looking for more, when are you really need is your heart-beat
You see I…

Spend every second, rewriting these lines, thinking one of them will just hit ya
You’re life is an all white canvas, it’s up to you to paint this picture
When you give up, you find what you’re worth
So never let up, continue to work
One’s who made it, never said it won’t hurt
And you never know when it might get worse
Put my…
Blood in this pen, and it spills what I am
[?] Am I outta my soul? see the mind in my plan?
Nothings outta my hand everyone can stand
That I’m don’t taking off, I’ve been ready to land
So… Look at everything I’ve done, and where I’ve been to become
The man I am today, was something that I started for fun

I want it
I bleed it
I see it
Believe it
I’m pouring my soul and I hope you receive it
And how you perceive it, is all in your eyes
Life’s too short to never try
Got the best crew to “Ride or Die”
Running with lines, I stand aside
And when this kills me, I feel alive
Living in a world, I’m calling mine
This for the ones that would never believe the things that I’ve said, everything that I dream
Let it ring in your head the visions I’ve seen
Coming alive like the air that you breathe
So we’re aiming as high, as heaven sky
Finding that heavenly peace
You’d risk it all too, if you realized reality’s made of dreams