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Batman Ivan B

Batman Ivan B

Batman Ivan B (Lirik lagu) dibawakan untuk anda oleh LIRIKLAGU.MY

No necklace, I went independent
2-6, someone paramedic
All I see are mimics
All I hear are gimmicks
I don’t read your lips ’cause I don’t care who’s in it
If it’s on my mind, I just let it spill
They only check on me if I’ll pay the bill
I don’t got friends in the industry, I don’t like none of you
That’s just the way I feel

If you droppin’ knowledge, I’ve been droppin’ corpses
I don’t hang with rappers, I just hang the corpses
If it isn’t God, then I ain’t goin’ towards it
If it isn’t love, then we just don’t endorse it
Pent up progression, I pin it down
I look in my veins, it’s venom now
I work in silence so they play this loud
When I go outside they say it’s been a while
Oh man, time’s been changin’ up
Twenty-four hours, stayin’ up
Used to wait on tables, there I was
Don’t expect a change if you don’t change it up
I don’t say a lot
But my perks on my sleeve
She said, “Think about school, why you think that I teach?”
I don’t do good in crowds, why you think that I leave?
I would have lots of friends if I didn’t do me
-Like I’m Batman, yeah
I don’t got a cape but I live in the cave
I mean, what can I say?
I shouldn’t say nothin’, just look at my face
Look at the people around me, let’s pick up the pace
This album two but this is just a taste
Let me set the bar like I cracked the case
You say it’s your time but you look out of place

Yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah, yeah, what now?
Yeah, haha

Always used to ask me, “What you wanna be now?
Oh, you wanna rap? Look, you’re never gonna be that
Come into my classroom, let me give you feedback
Where your life is headed? ‘Cause I know you’re gonna need that”
Yeah, yeah, yeah, what now?
Everybody proud when I’m up now
Ay, man in the mirror, calm down
Who cares what anyone says now?
Yeah, get it right or you’ll live it twice
I say a prayer, I don’t take advice
If you hate the cards, roll the dice
Feel the lows to feel the heights
Been low but I’m back though
With a bad flow, blow up with a paintbrush
That’s a Pablo, throw lines over your head
All good, Odell couldn’t catch those on his tiptoes, yeah
I’m feelin’ healthy, I’m blessed
This is as ill as it gets
Say this is your house but I’ve never seen you come in
All I see is you hoppin’ my fence
I know who backed Golden State, but somethin’ just occured to me
I don’t care if no one’s heard of me
Catch a wave, that’s a currency
Currently trapped in a current of chasin’ currency, woo!
Never tired of gettin’ rings
That’s that Kevin Durant-cy
They put dirt on the legacy ’til they bury me
That’s when they say that they cared for me, right?
All in it, see the light how they dim it
Seein’ things backwards, that’s why I’m so timid
Come get the facts, if you want it, I’ll print it
You tell me I’m dreaming, I’ll tell you who isn’t, yeah
Yeah, feel like I’m Batman, I stay in a cave
Don’t like no one around
Difference is, we ain’t jokin’ around
Built a throne, don’t care ’bout a crown
I don’t care if no one knows who I am
If I didn’t have to, I’d prefer it that way
I stay in the cave, what can I say?
Opinions about us, I threw ’em away

What can I say now? What can I say now?
We live in the cave now, we live in the cave now, yeah
I like it that way
I keep it just me and I like it that way
I like it that way
I keep it that way

Think you can pop off if you step in my shoes?
When will you realize it?
These don’t come in fantasizes
What’s the truth if you don’t analyze it? Yeah
Chapter two but this is just the pilot
When the sun is fallin’, only stars are flyin’
Not some loops is how this life will tie in
Workin’ harder when the night is risin’, oh yeah